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Friday, December 29, 2006

Styles P's Road Rage Gets The Best of Him

I was reading an article about Styles P and his road rage incident, and it is yet another reason that I try to avoid getting into confrontations on the road. Sometimes it's so damn hard though.

Apparently, a truck cut him off and he raced to go and cut the truck off. After successfully cutting off the truck driver, Styles P got out of his car and threw napkins at the driver's window. If someone threw napkins at my car, I would probably just laugh and point at them, but not John Henson. Instead, he rammed into Styles P and broke his leg. Now Henson is charged with second degree assault and Styles P has a broken leg over some napkins.

The point is, you never know how crazy the next person may be. People are maniacs on the road, especially when it comes to getting cut off. I recall an incident from when I was young, and my dad got into a fight on the hood of the car with some guy who cut us off. He would never let it go, he was always rolling up next to people and cursing them out, getting out of the car and challenging them, etc. There have been a few times I, too, have been guilty of road rage. I've been known to stick up my middle finger or get in front of someone and drive veeeerrry slowly, preventing them from getting around me. But nowadays, I just let those people go. It's not worth it to get into a possible altercation over something stupid. The only thing intolerable is stealing parking spaces. If you see I'm about to pull into a spot at the mall on Christmas Eve, when it's impossible to find parking, or I'm waiting for someone to pull out of a spot in the congested NYC area, and you try to get in there before me, God help you if I have some napkins.

Source: Angela Yee (Shade 45)
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jalil3214 said...

dam all the wisdome he spit on trackz/ and he can't keep his composure on the road/

rlowe1980 said...

no shit huh? but hey, he's human.. we all get that way sometimes.. but damn, napkins? he could've at least threw a fork or something.. napkins?

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