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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tony Yayo takes shots at Jim Jones and The Game

This show is mad funny, Just listen to Tony Yayo get on Jim Jones and The Game on Shade 45 (Sirius 6045). The show is 43 minutes long and he is just getting at these cats, he also did a couple tracks through out the show. He called Jim Jones Trash, and said The Game’s car just got taken away. Bodey from The Wire is also on show talking about the show and up coming episodes. This show is very Adult oriented so be prepared for profanity.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

well it figures this lame ass nigga Yayo would have somthin to "say" about the game and jim jones.we all know it would take the hands of god for him to put anything on wax that would even get one spin(thats not on Shady45)stop talkin and get back on your grind, what happen to you in jail? before you went in this last time you were killin mixtape,holdin your own next to 50 and Banks,then you get you sound like a crack head wit ADD/ADHD(most niggas go in the box and come out on fire)so get your pen game up!!!!

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