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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nas First Week Sales - Hip Hop is Dead

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Nas First Week Sales - Hip Hop is Not Dead

Many are saying (including me) that Nas's new album "Hip Hop is Dead" is actually better than Jay-Z's "Kingdom Come" which was very lack luster and should have been allot better with all the hype that was behind it (this is coming from a Jay-Z fan). On Hip Hop is Dead there is allot allot of hits and few misses, 3 at most. He had a great first single and Black Republican is already a Hit and it's not even an official single. Sources say that Nas's first week sales is predicted to be around 200,000 but now they are saying that it could be allot more over 300,000. Only time will tell, what I do know is that Nas is not stupid he gave this album this title for a reason. He knew this album would invoke conversation and controversy from the Young Jeezy and Money Love incident, to Lil Wayne coming at Jay Z and Raekwon and Kay Slay calling Jay-Z's album trash. This all due to the fact that the they are two sides to hip hop right now, one side saying hip hop is dead and the other saying that it is still alive. Every radio station is asking if hip hop is dead and in every conversation Nas name gets mentioned just for the simple fact that his album is titled "Hip Hop Is Dead" that is all free marketing for him and you can be sure that it will help him sell more units. Good move by Nas. I don't think hip hop is dead but It does feel like something is missing, don't know what it is exactly but you can feel real hip hop music when it's there.....know what I mean?
You know the deal, give me your feedback let me know what you think....keep it funky.

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