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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chamillionaire Hip Hop Police Video

New video from Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police video, this hip hop police video is brought to you by

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Looking For Passionate Hip Hop Writers (formerly is looking for editors, authors, reviewers and gossip writers to join our blog community. If you love hip hop and you want to voice your opinions to thousands of visitors per day then this is perfect for you.

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This is for people have a love for hip hop and the culture and It is completely voluntary.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Brand New Site Bitches

I know ya must be wondering where I went, well I've been busy taking this site to the next level. With this site being so successful we decided to create a full blown website, not just a blog. The new site has new content and many new features and it looks really fly. The old site will still remain up forever because it still gets over 2,000 visitors per day and will continue get hits but we will no longer be updating this site. Check out the new site
You can also check our video site but keep in mind that it's still in Beta stage.

Holla at me bitches Video Blogger, we getting that paper in 2007 baby..........yeeeeaaaaah.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Daytona - Underground Artist

Yes Yes I'm back on my underground artist shit, even though Daytona is a underground artist and does not yet have a record deal, it doesn't seem to affect him at all. He still manages to get spins on radio stations such as Hot 97. His latest joint (which is fire) "Home Boy" ft Jim Jones gets at least 12 spins a day on Shade 45 (Sirius Satellite Radio). His rap style is different from what you might usually hear which is one of the reasons he stands out from all the other rappers that are out right now that have the same flow followed by 16 bars of punch lines.
Dj Cipha Sounds from Hot 97, MTV and Shade 45 realizes Daytona's unique style and has teamed up with the rapper to get his stuff out to the public. They are taken it slow so the listeners get use to hearing him so when he does become mainstream they will be more willing to hear something out of the norm. The buzz that he has created already has him opening up for Rick Ross and Chris Brown. All this without a major record deal is not a easy thing to do especially if you haven't put out tons of mix tapes. His flow is a little unusual or maybe it's not, maybe we've just gotten use to hearing the same thing over and over, but the way he raps sort of reminds of how Slick Rick use spit back in the day, their voices are very similar. He is definitely on the right track and you can be sure that you will hear allot more from this cat in the future. Especially with Cipha Sounds playing his record every chance he gets, not to mention Cipha not only has access to Shade 45 but Hot 97 as well and that is allot of exposure for a artist without a deal. Daytona is doing with Cipha Sounds the same thing Papoose did with Kay Slay....which is the best way to these days.

Of course you know I'm not gonna let ya go without hearing a couple of his latest shit, so check them out below and let me know what ya think.......I'm out.

powered by ODEO This one is really old in New York.

powered by ODEO This Got spins on Hot 97 and it was not even the official remix.

powered by ODEO Personally I think this is his hottest track.

You can check out his latest joint Home Boy ft Jim Jones on his Myspace @

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Another Hot freestyle From Reed Dollaz

Another hot joint from Reed Dollaz, If this kid is not the best i Philly I don't know who is. Joey Jihad got skills but I don't this he fucking with Reed. If anybody fucking with Reed it would be K.Dot.......that kid is a problem.

Who is K.Dot?

This is K.Dot and hot rapper out Philly, this is just a intro to what he's capable of. I'll post more information about him soon, plus I got got some exclusive tracks from him also. Oh yeah, sorry about the quality it's the best I could find.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year - The Last Post of The Year

This is the last post of the year have fun with it, see you next year we have allot of great things in stored for you guys..... holla at me. Lets all try to keep our news years resolution this time around okay........ yeah right lol.

Maia Campbell Video

Ok at first it was funny (really), we all laughed at the expense of someone who is obviously going something that most people can't relate to we all just laugh and criticize (including me) because that's what people do, Maia is a very troubled individual and reacting a way that most people who don't know how to deal with their emotions and end up falling victim to circumstances.
Maybe it was the death of her mom or maybe it's something else that placed her on the road to disaster.
I've received a vast amount of hits due to the expense of someone who might actually die from what she is doing or from what we as bloggers, columnists and gossipers are saying about her. So I've decided to take the high road this time and not say anything else negative about this subject subject.

Thats all I'm going to say about that, I've decided not to post the video on my site but if you must see it, you can always click the link below to view it.

Maia Campbell Video The Flash Version

Maia Campbell Video The Quicktime Version

Lets all prey for the beautiful black women
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Gail Gotti - Who's Gail Gotti?

Gail Gotti aka "Queen Of The Coast" is one of the newest members to the G-Unit roster. The California native has been putting it down on the mixtape scene for a while now and has released three mixtapes to date and she has been on tour with the Infamous Mobb Deep and the rest of the G-unit family. I know it's kind of hard to believe a female can actually look good and be able to rhyme at the same time, it's usually one or the other but don't get it twisted her beauty is equally matched by her hardcore rap skills.

She grew up in a part Southern California called San Bernardino Valley aka "the valley", even though she feels she has never really had a home because she was always traveling back and forth from Las Angeles to the Valley. Plus she also spent allot of her summers with her family in New York city.

She has always had a love for music since she was a child, which is probably due to the fact that her parents own a record company that was distributed through Capital records. Her sisiter was also in the music business and worked with Ruthless Records.

The list of people who inspired her include Eazy E, Bone Thugs in Harmony and of course Tupac, who was one of the first people who sat her down and told her she was talented, he told her to always stay focused and not let anyone take advantage of her. When Pac passed away she felt she owed it to him to follow her dreams.

Gail Gotti is not only a rapper but she has many other interests and business plans in the works.

She has a clothing line and a jewelry line called Lady Godiva that is currently in the works. She has always been into modeling and fashion, she has done some modeling in the past but has isn't doing any right now. She said she has already showed that she can do the modeling thing and is now moving on to the next task at hand which is music and then eventually acting.

She has a very close relationship with her godmother who just happens to be Teena Marie. She says Teena has always been a big part of her life and her music. Teena as always been there for her whenever she was confused and needed someone to talk to.

Quick Note: She is features on Teena Marie's new album.

Her relationship with the Infamous/G-Unit camp is also good, she spent allot of time looking for a home and feels like she has finally found it. She spent some time over a Death Row and since then she has held out on jumping on the first deal that came along and waited until she found a place that she felt most comfortable with.

The hook up between her and Infamous/G-Unit came about through her manager, Purfek Storm. He manages Mobb Deep, 40 Glocc and the entire Infamous G-Unit. She met him through Kurupt. They where all on the Anger Management Tour together. As soon as the tour was over, her and her manager were in New York where her manager played some of her music for 50 Cent. He liked what he heard and she ended up talking to fifty for an hour about life and music.

For more information and Update about Gail Gotti just visit her Myspace page a

Other news about Gail Gotti

Gail Gotti and Kurupt engaged.

"G-Unit’s self-proclaimed “Queen of the Coast”, Gail Gotti and boyfriend/west coast rapper Kurupt "Young Gotti" were engaged Christmas Day, reps for the rappers confirmed.

Tha Dogg Pound rapper popped the question to Gotti on December 25 with a Schlumberger Signature Ring from Tiffany & Co., which usually sells for up to an estimated $24,000.

“Words could never describe the love and passion that we have for each other,” Gotti, owner of Night-In-Gail Entertainment, said of her engagement. “What helps make our relationship so strong is that we are best friends. We are both excited and more than ready to take this next wonderful step together. We are looking forward to sharing this joyous occasion with our families and closest friends.”

Representatives announced that no official wedding date has been set, but an engagement party for the couple is expected to be held in New York City at the end of March 2007."

Source: Alexis Jeffries @

This girl got that fire holla at me I'm out, Video Blogger.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Styles P's Road Rage Gets The Best of Him

I was reading an article about Styles P and his road rage incident, and it is yet another reason that I try to avoid getting into confrontations on the road. Sometimes it's so damn hard though.

Apparently, a truck cut him off and he raced to go and cut the truck off. After successfully cutting off the truck driver, Styles P got out of his car and threw napkins at the driver's window. If someone threw napkins at my car, I would probably just laugh and point at them, but not John Henson. Instead, he rammed into Styles P and broke his leg. Now Henson is charged with second degree assault and Styles P has a broken leg over some napkins.

The point is, you never know how crazy the next person may be. People are maniacs on the road, especially when it comes to getting cut off. I recall an incident from when I was young, and my dad got into a fight on the hood of the car with some guy who cut us off. He would never let it go, he was always rolling up next to people and cursing them out, getting out of the car and challenging them, etc. There have been a few times I, too, have been guilty of road rage. I've been known to stick up my middle finger or get in front of someone and drive veeeerrry slowly, preventing them from getting around me. But nowadays, I just let those people go. It's not worth it to get into a possible altercation over something stupid. The only thing intolerable is stealing parking spaces. If you see I'm about to pull into a spot at the mall on Christmas Eve, when it's impossible to find parking, or I'm waiting for someone to pull out of a spot in the congested NYC area, and you try to get in there before me, God help you if I have some napkins.

Source: Angela Yee (Shade 45)
Sirius Satelite Radio

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