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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year - The Last Post of The Year

This is the last post of the year have fun with it, see you next year we have allot of great things in stored for you guys..... holla at me. Lets all try to keep our news years resolution this time around okay........ yeah right lol.

Maia Campbell Video

Ok at first it was funny (really), we all laughed at the expense of someone who is obviously going something that most people can't relate to we all just laugh and criticize (including me) because that's what people do, Maia is a very troubled individual and reacting a way that most people who don't know how to deal with their emotions and end up falling victim to circumstances.
Maybe it was the death of her mom or maybe it's something else that placed her on the road to disaster.
I've received a vast amount of hits due to the expense of someone who might actually die from what she is doing or from what we as bloggers, columnists and gossipers are saying about her. So I've decided to take the high road this time and not say anything else negative about this subject subject.

Thats all I'm going to say about that, I've decided not to post the video on my site but if you must see it, you can always click the link below to view it.

Maia Campbell Video The Flash Version

Maia Campbell Video The Quicktime Version

Lets all prey for the beautiful black women
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Gail Gotti - Who's Gail Gotti?

Gail Gotti aka "Queen Of The Coast" is one of the newest members to the G-Unit roster. The California native has been putting it down on the mixtape scene for a while now and has released three mixtapes to date and she has been on tour with the Infamous Mobb Deep and the rest of the G-unit family. I know it's kind of hard to believe a female can actually look good and be able to rhyme at the same time, it's usually one or the other but don't get it twisted her beauty is equally matched by her hardcore rap skills.

She grew up in a part Southern California called San Bernardino Valley aka "the valley", even though she feels she has never really had a home because she was always traveling back and forth from Las Angeles to the Valley. Plus she also spent allot of her summers with her family in New York city.

She has always had a love for music since she was a child, which is probably due to the fact that her parents own a record company that was distributed through Capital records. Her sisiter was also in the music business and worked with Ruthless Records.

The list of people who inspired her include Eazy E, Bone Thugs in Harmony and of course Tupac, who was one of the first people who sat her down and told her she was talented, he told her to always stay focused and not let anyone take advantage of her. When Pac passed away she felt she owed it to him to follow her dreams.

Gail Gotti is not only a rapper but she has many other interests and business plans in the works.

She has a clothing line and a jewelry line called Lady Godiva that is currently in the works. She has always been into modeling and fashion, she has done some modeling in the past but has isn't doing any right now. She said she has already showed that she can do the modeling thing and is now moving on to the next task at hand which is music and then eventually acting.

She has a very close relationship with her godmother who just happens to be Teena Marie. She says Teena has always been a big part of her life and her music. Teena as always been there for her whenever she was confused and needed someone to talk to.

Quick Note: She is features on Teena Marie's new album.

Her relationship with the Infamous/G-Unit camp is also good, she spent allot of time looking for a home and feels like she has finally found it. She spent some time over a Death Row and since then she has held out on jumping on the first deal that came along and waited until she found a place that she felt most comfortable with.

The hook up between her and Infamous/G-Unit came about through her manager, Purfek Storm. He manages Mobb Deep, 40 Glocc and the entire Infamous G-Unit. She met him through Kurupt. They where all on the Anger Management Tour together. As soon as the tour was over, her and her manager were in New York where her manager played some of her music for 50 Cent. He liked what he heard and she ended up talking to fifty for an hour about life and music.

For more information and Update about Gail Gotti just visit her Myspace page a

Other news about Gail Gotti

Gail Gotti and Kurupt engaged.

"G-Unit’s self-proclaimed “Queen of the Coast”, Gail Gotti and boyfriend/west coast rapper Kurupt "Young Gotti" were engaged Christmas Day, reps for the rappers confirmed.

Tha Dogg Pound rapper popped the question to Gotti on December 25 with a Schlumberger Signature Ring from Tiffany & Co., which usually sells for up to an estimated $24,000.

“Words could never describe the love and passion that we have for each other,” Gotti, owner of Night-In-Gail Entertainment, said of her engagement. “What helps make our relationship so strong is that we are best friends. We are both excited and more than ready to take this next wonderful step together. We are looking forward to sharing this joyous occasion with our families and closest friends.”

Representatives announced that no official wedding date has been set, but an engagement party for the couple is expected to be held in New York City at the end of March 2007."

Source: Alexis Jeffries @

This girl got that fire holla at me I'm out, Video Blogger.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Styles P's Road Rage Gets The Best of Him

I was reading an article about Styles P and his road rage incident, and it is yet another reason that I try to avoid getting into confrontations on the road. Sometimes it's so damn hard though.

Apparently, a truck cut him off and he raced to go and cut the truck off. After successfully cutting off the truck driver, Styles P got out of his car and threw napkins at the driver's window. If someone threw napkins at my car, I would probably just laugh and point at them, but not John Henson. Instead, he rammed into Styles P and broke his leg. Now Henson is charged with second degree assault and Styles P has a broken leg over some napkins.

The point is, you never know how crazy the next person may be. People are maniacs on the road, especially when it comes to getting cut off. I recall an incident from when I was young, and my dad got into a fight on the hood of the car with some guy who cut us off. He would never let it go, he was always rolling up next to people and cursing them out, getting out of the car and challenging them, etc. There have been a few times I, too, have been guilty of road rage. I've been known to stick up my middle finger or get in front of someone and drive veeeerrry slowly, preventing them from getting around me. But nowadays, I just let those people go. It's not worth it to get into a possible altercation over something stupid. The only thing intolerable is stealing parking spaces. If you see I'm about to pull into a spot at the mall on Christmas Eve, when it's impossible to find parking, or I'm waiting for someone to pull out of a spot in the congested NYC area, and you try to get in there before me, God help you if I have some napkins.

Source: Angela Yee (Shade 45)
Sirius Satelite Radio

I Love Jay Z, But What The F**k

I don't know if this is for real or how many people have seen it already, but I received this in my email today and since it has something to do with hip hop and one of the biggest artist in hip hop, I figured I should post it.

"What a shame indeed!!!!? And all these other strong black men - looking the other way - are so useless. Couldn't someone give him a real heavy slap to stop him? Oh African/black women - these are "Some" of our men, whom we call beloved - humiliating and degrading us all the time in public. How disgraceful??? One of the reasons black women keep on opening up our beautiful hearts to other options elsewhere?! Strip him of his money and he is just another uncultured "BUNDU BOY - CAVEMAN WITH AN AXE"!! I feel like puking!

Jay-Z ' s reactions to an unauthorized Photo in South Africa ... Last week

Please send this to everyone you know..........he should be held accountable for this one!!!!!
For all you Jay-Z fans. Is this the way we want our South African women to be treated??? How would he feel if his mother/sister/or his precious Beyonce were treated in this fashion? A room full of "men" and nobody does anything. This is surely going to taint his image. They said that he tried to pay the lady off quickly so that it didn't get out.
Guess they were too late!"

I did not change anything, this is exactly how I received it, feel free to use the email link below if you feel like sending it to a friend.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nas First Week Sales - Hip Hop is Not Dead

The numbers are in for Nas first week sales and it seems that Hip Hop Is Not Dead. Living legend and queens bridge native Nas stumps the competition by debuting at No.1 on the Hip Hop charts. With his lead single "Hip Hop is Dead" and his collabo with with Hova "Black Republican" has created much buzz for his new album.

With all the arguments that Nas has caused due to his album title "Hip Hop is Dead", it's no wonder he debut at number one. The sales for Hip-Hop is Dead, Nas' first release on Def Jam which features cameos with The Game, Snoop Dogg and Kanye West to name a few, read off at 355,000. How is that for being dead, I guess hip hop is alive and kicking.

Naughty Naughty Mariah Carey (Or maybe not)

This post will go down in history, If you enjoyed the Maia Campbell post I made (Big ups Angela Yee from Shade 45 sirius satelite radio for that post), then you will definitely love this of Mariah Carey getting down, dirty and naked. You know I'm a sucker for Gossip and this one is one I can't believe. I'm not sure if this is the real deal or not but it does not hurt to take a look. Leave your comments and let me whether you think this is real or not.

Hover over the snapshot below to see the preview.

Or (Download it here)

I don't make this stuff up I just write about

I'm out......gossip queen aka Mr. Hollywood

Hot Topics In Hip Hop. (It's Getting Heated)

Hey whats up, big ups to all the dedicated readers and to all the new ones, I'm just dropping in to let you know what about some heated topics right now on our site.

Here are the top 3 hottest topics right now.
Mase is Done with Diddy and Bad Boy Check this one out people really feel strong about this one.
Remember Maia Campbell (She's Not Doing too Good)
Jay Z vs Lil Wayne (This one is still going and has the most comments right now)
This one is for all my Philly readers Reed Dollaz (He Might be The Best Rapper in Philly)

Stayed tuned we have allot of big poppin off 2007.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Melyssa Ford Critical of The Game, Needs To Check Herself

We all heard The Game's single from his new album "Wouldn't Get Far". Pretty Catchy song right. It contains a beat and a verse from Kanye West, and has critical, comical lyrics that serve as a commentary on all of the women in the industry that use their promiscuous nature to get ahead (no pun intended) in the music and modelling industries. Now, a rapper that has sold over 6 million copies worldwide in less than two years probably knows something about industry women. Following the release, we all heard the backlash from Melyssa Ford. It goes something like this “I am really confused and saddened that he decided to include my name on a record that disparages the characters of women who have worked hard in the industry to make successful careers for themselves.” It then went on to point out that she in fact does not drive a honda accord, as stated in the song . My question is this: Have you ever seen anything involving Melyssa Ford that did not include a picture or video of her strutting around nearly naked? If it exists, it's rare. I have no problems with the way she presents herself, nor am I saying that The Game is any kind of positive influence, but i will say this: Melyssa Ford is about as good for the image of women as The Game is for men. That isn't saying much. She claims that it "disparages the characters of women who have worked hard in the industry to make careers for themselves", but come on, don't you think that she did enough of that herself with all of her video appearances and videos. Do you think people are watching her videos because she has some sort of talent or because she has something intelligent to say? No, they buy it because she walks around in lingerie in extremely sexually suggestive poses. Is Melyssa Ford good looking?Yeah. Is The Game a hypocrite? Probably. But for her to come out and pretend to be some sort of positive influence on women who want to succeed in life, then it needs to be settled that she is in fact, just as bad of an influence for little girls as any gangster rapper is for little boys. You want a positive African American role model for women, don't go looking for the extras in rap videos. Try the likes of genius poet Maya Angelou or self-made talented rap artist Missy Elliot.
Thats it, all love, i'm out.

R.I.P. James Brown

Hey this is Mrss Hollywood I have a very detailed article about the late great Mr James Brown. Check it out here at my new blog Rest in Peace James Brown

Co Author of

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Jim Jones Interview on The Parker Report

Big ups to Erik Parker for the videos, He is a independent video maker who has done many interviews with numerous hip hop artist. His has given me access to publish his video collection on this site. Here is one of his many interviews that will be published on our site.
Part 1 of the Interview:

Part 2 of the Interview:

For more interviews visit

Saturday, December 23, 2006

50 Cent Wearing The Game's T Shirt

50 cent is clown He was spotted in LA wearing The Games T-Shirt to help him promote his new album "The Doctors Advocate". The Game is still on contract with G-unit records all he did was a logo change, 50 Cent still gets 25% of whatever The Game sells.

Mase is Done with Diddy and Bad Boy

Mase has finalized his split from Diddy's Bad Boy Records, and now he is a full blown G-unit artist. It has been a year since Mase decided to make the move to G-unit, but Diddy was reluctant in finalizing the deal and giving up Mase's masters. But after a couple of subliminal shots from both sides Diddy finally decided to let Mase go. You can expect to see allot of mix tapes from Mase in 2007 if not a album. Mase has had a long on going street beef with Dipset member Jim Jones which goes all the way back to when Diddy was known as Puff Daddy. This was the reason why Mase left the game and the word is that Dipset were the ones who ran Mase out of Harlem to ATL to become a (that's funny). I guarantee you that next year there will be G-unit vs Dipset beef (trust me), it's inevitable plus Tony Yayo already called Jim Jones trash. We'll see what happens for 2007, something tells me it's going to be a year. Holla at me

You know the deal give me your feedback, keep it funky as usually.

Nas First Week Sales - Hip Hop is Dead

This Article has been updated click the link below to read the updated version.

Nas First Week Sales - Hip Hop is Not Dead

Many are saying (including me) that Nas's new album "Hip Hop is Dead" is actually better than Jay-Z's "Kingdom Come" which was very lack luster and should have been allot better with all the hype that was behind it (this is coming from a Jay-Z fan). On Hip Hop is Dead there is allot allot of hits and few misses, 3 at most. He had a great first single and Black Republican is already a Hit and it's not even an official single. Sources say that Nas's first week sales is predicted to be around 200,000 but now they are saying that it could be allot more over 300,000. Only time will tell, what I do know is that Nas is not stupid he gave this album this title for a reason. He knew this album would invoke conversation and controversy from the Young Jeezy and Money Love incident, to Lil Wayne coming at Jay Z and Raekwon and Kay Slay calling Jay-Z's album trash. This all due to the fact that the they are two sides to hip hop right now, one side saying hip hop is dead and the other saying that it is still alive. Every radio station is asking if hip hop is dead and in every conversation Nas name gets mentioned just for the simple fact that his album is titled "Hip Hop Is Dead" that is all free marketing for him and you can be sure that it will help him sell more units. Good move by Nas. I don't think hip hop is dead but It does feel like something is missing, don't know what it is exactly but you can feel real hip hop music when it's there.....know what I mean?
You know the deal, give me your feedback let me know what you think....keep it funky.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Raekwon Disses Jay Z (Publicity Stunt)

It seem like every one is after Jay Z these day, he hasn't even been back for a month and he has stirred up more beef in that short time than than most rappers do in their whole career. From LL Cool J, Jim Jones to Lil Wayne and now Raekwon from the legendary Wu Tang Clan.

He had some pretty harsh words for Jay Z a.k.a (Hova), while performing Tuesday November 28.

"I don't give a fuck about Hova. I respect Hova. As a business man, and a nigga that know how to rhyme. But me personally, I give a fuck a bout Hova, none of them niggas. Them niggas ain't helpin Rae eat."

It's like he dissed and gave him praise at the same time. Check out the video......

Let me know what you think. keep it funky

Thursday, December 21, 2006

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Remember Maia Campbell (She's Not Doing too Good)

"Remember how pretty Maia Campbell was when she was on "In The House," and how all the guys had a crush on her? She was also the leading lady in Tyrese's "Sweet Lady" video... but lately things haven't been going so well for her. There are naked pics of her all over the Internet, and she looks pretty cracked out:

Click Here To View

Not only that, but her mom, the author Bebe Moore Campbell, just died November 27 from brain cancer and has been quoted as saying that one of her children has a mental illness (wonder who that could be).

I've been reading a lot of blogs from people who are saying all kinds of nasty things about her, but clearly she needs some help. Apparently, her behavior has been erratic and rumor has it that she is possibly bipolar. I don't know if you've ever known anyone who has that illness, but it's definitely no joke."

Source: Angela Yee
Shade 45 (Sirius Radio 6045)

Tony Yayo takes shots at Jim Jones and The Game

This show is mad funny, Just listen to Tony Yayo get on Jim Jones and The Game on Shade 45 (Sirius 6045). The show is 43 minutes long and he is just getting at these cats, he also did a couple tracks through out the show. He called Jim Jones Trash, and said The Game’s car just got taken away. Bodey from The Wire is also on show talking about the show and up coming episodes. This show is very Adult oriented so be prepared for profanity.

powered by ODEO

Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Reed Dollaz (New Joint)

I told you I would have some new Reed Dollaz coming soon. Allot of our readers have been going back and forth about whether or not Reed is better than Joey Jihad and so far it seems Reed has more votes. This is one of his most recent raps he has out right now.
You know the deal let us know what you think, keep it funky, leave your name and your website so you can get a link back to your site, or not


Harlem, NY - Last April, multi-platinum producer Dame Grease drew attention from fans and media outlets when he gave away a free beat valued at $20,000 through a special contest on his MySpace page. After the success of that contest, Grease has decided to once again place a beat on MySpace for a free download. The winner of the previous Free Grease Beat was MYSTIK, the hottest white girl in Philly! She ripped the competition and took the crown home. Grease had to choose from 10,000 submissions, but he said, "it was something about her voice, her delivery, that led me to choosing her." Now Mystik is scheduled to work with Grease in the studios on his mixtape.

On Tuesday, December 19th, Indie artists and Music Marketers who have approached Grease for a classic production will have a field day when this beat is released for download. The Beat's commercial appeal lays the perfect foundation for a break-through hit! Why pay $50,000 for a beat when you could log on to and download the beat for just 99 cents. Grease was the first producer to give away a free beat online, and now he's saving the Industry from exhausting their marketing/advertising budgets once again. Unlike his followers, Grease created the buzz and developed the blueprint for mastering the sound of classic hits. With over 20 million records sold up to date, Grease is giving his fans the opportunity to make it!

Watch the announcement on you tube:

Sponsored by Vacant Lot Records, Bacardi Flavors, Next Up Radio, Beats and Mics, CSMG

For more information:
Cynamin Jones, Soul Pitch Media

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lil Wayne vs Jay-Z (pt 2), Lil Wayne vs Clipse (Hot 97 phone interview)

Last week I was listening to Hot 97 the "number one radio station for hip hop and R and B", that was not a DJ Absolut interviewed Lil Wayne over the phone where he attempted to further explain the comments he made in the December/January issue of the Complex magazine.

He stated “I think I speak for everybody when I say [hip hop] is not dead as long as I’m still dropping albums.” Much of his comments stemmed from being passed by Jay Z's Roca-A-Fella Records last year, when he was weighing his options on which label he should sign to.

“I want people to just look at it like that dude who came out of college that was supposed to get drafted by the No. 1 team, which was Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam,” stated Wayne, according to “They passed on me and now I’m with a good team and a good coach and of course on every interview I’m gonna cut down the team that didn't pick me.”

Lil Wayne still stood his ground and restated the comments he mad in Complex Magazine about being better than Jay Z.

"I'm better than this game," said Wayne. "We could be having this conversation about any other person in this game. It was who I was asked about at this time. Y’all trying to build a case on me. But I tell you what. If you build a case against me and take me to trial, I will beat it."

Wayne also took shots a Young Buck, Pharrell and he Clipse in the Complex Magazine, The Clipse has since then replied by calling WWHV Hot 102.1 FM in their Virginia hometown.

“Wayne, you sort of copying The Clipse right now,” Pusha T told DJ Derrick Da Franchise, according to “I think he made a bad judgment call and just decided to take a swipe at us…maybe he’s got an album coming out. This is a small thing to a giant, he’s just acting out.”

"If anything, I am upset about him using the F word before my name, being as though he likes to sit around and kiss men. If you gonna kiss men, you can't even use them words in conjunction with The Clipse, Pharrell, or any of the [Star Trak ] family. He's definitely acting out right now. Jay-Z? Do what you gotta do. But involve The Clipse? You don't want to do that. I already don't look at him like a G. He ain’t nothing like me."

I will have the clipse radio interview up for ya tomorrow.

You know the deal give me your feedback, keep it funky. leave your name and website so you can get the credit and a link back to your site.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nas vs. Jay Z (Who's album is better and who's better period)

Deja Vu all over again, well not really this time there is no beef, but that does not mean we can't still compare two of the best rappers of our generation. This will become a very popular post because both these guys have very loyal fans. Let me put it out there early, I'm a straight Jay-z fan all the way, I use to be a Nas fan but I switched to Jay around 2001. Even though Nas won the battle I think Jay won the war in the long run if you compare their success. Don't get me wrong Nas is a far deeper rapper than Jay, but Jay's swag and confidence is what people are drawn to. You know the same one that Lil Wayne is copying but that's another subject. Jay Z has far better punch lines than Nas does, come to think of it Nas does not have that much punch lines at all, anyway that's where I stand with both these guys. I just heard Nas's album "Hip Hop Is Dead" and I liked it allot more than Jay-Z's album "Kingdom Come", truthfully I think Jay's album sucks and that's coming from a fan. It's his worst album to date and not good for a return album. Even though he sold 640,000 copies his first week, his sales dropped 80 percent the second week to 150,000 copies, plus there a rumors circling that Def Jam bought 250,000 copies in the first week. Nas definitely has a ill album as much as I don't want to admit it, I liked almost every track on it while I only liked 4 tracks from Jay's. So as far as their current album goes I think Nas won that battle but as far as the rest of their career goes I think Jay got it. That's is where I stand.

Who do you think won the Nas vs Jay Battle?
Which album is better "Kingdom Come" or "Hip Hop is Dead"?
Who do you think is the better rapper?
Give me you're feedback, be one of the first to share you're thoughts.
You know the deal keep it funky.

P.S. Here is hot track form Nas feat Jay-Z called "Black Republican" (This is history in the making)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Crakk is Back (Peedi Crakk's album is on the way)

The long awaited album Prince of The Roc from Peedi Crakk is on it's way and should be dropping in the first quarter of 2007. He currently has a Dis track called Number 1 which is aimed at Juelz Santana from the Dipset as a result of some sort of altercation at Diddy's album release party get the full story Here. His first single will be Take Me Home feat Megan Rochelle, which should be dropping in January. I've not yet heard the single but as soon as a I get it, I will be sure to post it up for you guys. Peedi Crakk is a very underrated rapper (but a very good lyricist) when it comes to the mainstream rap scene, which could be due to the fact that he keeps getting into trouble with the law but he has since then put all that behind him. He's been featured on many singles mostly on Roc-A-Fella artist and former Roc-A-Fella artist. I've been getting a couple of comments from people who keep saying they don't know who the hell he is and why is he coming a Juelz, well i'll explain all that in my next post about Peedi Crakk in my next post about Peedi to see if I can jolt your memory. I'm out holla at me Video Blogger, Hip Hop Music Source, Where Hip Hop Lives.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jay Z vs Lil Wayne

First Jim Jones now Lil Wayne (Once on of the biggest Jay Z fans ever) is now taking shot at the King of new york. In the past I 've Lil Wayne give praises to Jay on countless occasions, but now since he's down with the Dipset, I guess he feels he can come at Jay now. I have not heard an official reply from Jay regarding the comments Lil Wayne made in the latest issue of the Complex Magazine. Lil Wayne who is the self proclaimed "Best Rapper Alive" seems to be threatened by Jay z return by the way he reacted. Lil Wayne is a very good rapper (no doubt), but he has not put in the work that the required to hold the title of the best rapper alive. 13 years 10 million sold, big deal Jay did that in half the time. What happened to respect in hip hop? you don't see The Game coming at Snoop Dogg for still rapping. For someone who has even made dis records defending Jay against Nas and was very close to signing to Rocafella this is certainly a shift. In the complex Magazine he also went at Pharell and the Clipse. Check out some of what was said in the magazine.

“I don’t like what he’s saying about how he had to come back because hip hop’s dead and we need him,” he says. “What the f*** do you mean? If anything it’s reborn, so he’s probably having a problem with that. You left on a good note, and all of the artists were saying, ‘Yo, this is Jay’s house. He’s the best.’ Now he comes back and still thinks it’s his house. But we fu**ed bit**es in your bed already. It’s not your house anymore and I’m better than you.”

Pull your Panties up Lil Wayne, stop crying.

“Who don’t? [to friends in the background]
Ay-yo, am I better than Jay? [friends laugh and nod]. I ain’t got nothing to do with who he is. I’m better than him, though. I’m 24 years old… The dude’s like…? It’s scary. I’m 13 years deep with five albums and 10 million records sold.”

If you're a real hip hop head, when you listen to Lil Wayne you can hear Jay in his flow and he has his swag.

“I don’t fault nobody for misunderstanding. I don’t understand a lot of sh**. Baby walked in the crib one day and was like, ‘Everybody’s doing this black mob sh**. When I see you niggas, this is what we’re gonna do.’ And that’s why you’ve probably got a picture of me because I stuck with everything that man said. But every nigga’s done that. I’ve done kissed [Juvenile and B.G.]. No homo. Pause.”

Your Gay!!!!!!
This was his reply to Young Bucks comments about Him and Baby relationship on the DJ K Slay show.

“I don’t give a f*** about what he thinks or said. I’m rich! I’m something to talk about. He should have been promoting his album. These niggas know where I’m from. I’m from the city of death, nigga. We kill niggas for nothing. That’s why they’re doing it on radio stations and interviews. Them niggas see me and shake my hand and tell me, ‘You the best, dog, keep doing that sh***.”

I like Wayne but his ego is getting bigger than Kayne West's and I did not think that was possible.
This was his reason for why he calls Baby his father.

“I can’t have a father? Everybody’s born. I just felt like he was my father because he used to take care of my mom. Plus, Baby made me. My real pops is still living, but
fu** him. That’s another reason I say Baby’s my father. Every day I know my birth father’s homies are like, ‘Ain’t that your son? That nigga be saying Baby. That’s Baby’s son, nigga. That’ ain’t your son.’ I make him go through that.”

His comments about Pharrell and Clipse.......

“I don’t see no fu***** Clipse. This is a fu***** legend you’re talking to right here. How many years them niggas been around? Who the fu** is Pharrell? Do you really respect him? That nigga wore BAPE and y’all thought he was weird. I wore it and y’all thought it was hot. What I gotta go in the store and say, ‘I like these colors but I can’t buy them because other rappers wore them?”

Lil Wayne stop crying.....

Jay should just not pay any attention to Jim Jones and put Lil Wayne in his place. Even though Jay did not say any names, on his album he did say some subliminal things such as "I don't know why you let them gas you to go up against your idol" that is most likely aimed at Wayne, since he was such a fan of Jay up until.

Here is Wayne redoing Jay Z's "Show Me What You Got".

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jim Jones - We fly high Ballin remix

Jim Jones is still flying high with his single Ballin and he is now back at it with the Ballin remix featuring TI, Diddy, Young Dro, Juelz Santana, Baby, and Lil Wayne. Jim is doing great despite his situation Jay-z, he continues to ball out and we will stay tune to see how long he will be ballin.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ludacris - Runaway Love ft. Mary J Blige

If you thought there wasn't any real relevant music coming from the south and it was just all about Lean wid it Rock wid it, Think again. Ludacris's new single Runaway Love ft. Mary J Blige (which is always a good look) goes in a completely different direction from what is supposedly hot right now. Instead of going for the "Club Banger" he went Common's route and created a single that is more Socially aware. I have not seen hip hop like this for quit some time and never expected it from Ludacris, It kind a reminds me of 2Pac's Brenda's Got A Baby. I like the single allot and Mary kills the hook as usual, this is a strange follow up to Money Maker and Grew Up A Screw Up but then again that's what 2 Pac was infamous for. Good job Luda, A rating.

Check out the video and give us your feedback and you already know the deal keep it funky. Holla at me Video Blogger, the best to do it. Hip Hop Music Source, act like you know.

The Game - Lets Ride (Triple mix)

This is really hot, The Game's second single Lets Ride has been getting remixed all over the place and I have the three hottest ones, take a look and them and let me know which one you think is the hottest. Number 1, 2, 3 or the original but that one is not posted here. If you don't like the song at all, just say you don't like.....Holla at me.
Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Let us know what you think, keep it funky.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Peedi Crakk takes shots at Juelz Santana

Yes! Yet another serving of beef well done. First Jay-Z and Jones now this, another Roc a Fella vs Dipset beef. Peedi Crakk who was once a part of the State Property rap group has a new track dissing Juelz Santana called "Number 1". I have not heard anything from Peedi since the Roc separated (well there was that feature on Neyo's first single Stay With Me, but that's nothing to brag about), and now out of nowhere he has beef with Juelz Santana conveniently before his new album comes out, (You would have to be a dummy to not see a pattern or a trend happening here). This "beef before your album comes out formula" seems to be apart of the marketing plan for rappers these days, I know controversy sells but this is getting ridiculous.
Peedi Crakk stated that when attending the album release party at the black carpet affair for Diddy's Press Play. He said when he saw Juelz, Juelz just sort of brushed him off (that's it?). He took it as a sign of disrespect, being that he thought him and Juelz were friends (They even did tracks together). He said a little more than that happened and he simply he felt disrespected.

He went into the studio two days later and recorded Number 1, a dis track aimed directly at Juelz Santana, Juelz has yet to respond to the attack. Even though Juelz did not reply, Jim Jones while doing a show in Philly stated that P. Crakk should keep his mouth shut, saying how I'm talking about his little brother and that means I'm talking about him.

Peedi replied by saying he is not afraid of Jim Jones, "He ain't no gangsta, he got a couple albums and got big headed. Jim can get some of this shit too." He said he might go at Jim but Jay-Z beat him to it.
Peedi also made it clear that Jay's beef with Jim Jones and Camron has nothing to do with him and Santana.
"Jay didn't put me up to do this shit. Some people get misled. They think Hov sent Crakk on Juelz. I did this on my own. Hov didn't send me nowhere. I never spoke to him about this. This has nothing to do with Def Jam or Roc-A-Fella. This is a P. Crakk move. Just so they don't think there is some kind of war because Cam'ron and Jay don't fuck with each other. Nah, this is some personal shit. Ask Juelz what happened at the Puff party a month ago."

Peedi Crakk's first single, "Take Me Home," featuring Megan Rochell is due out early next month. His album, Prince of the Roc, is expected to drop in early 2007. The album features Twista, Bun B, Black Thought, Swizz Beatz and Chad West. Lets see if the Beef Formula will work for Peedi..........North Philly.
Listen to Peedi's Dis Track "Number 1"

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