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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Joey Jihad (Freestyle Rap)

Another freetyle from Joey Jihad aka Jihaddy. We've been posting allot of Philly stuff recently, because they are the hottest right now when it comes to the underground rap scene. Joey Jihad and list of other rappers from Philly are killing the streets right now and they don't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Joey Jihad reppin the North Side. Go Gettas, holla.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Game's New G-unit Diss Track (Who Cares)

When people say that they have squashed a beef does that mean you say it is over then you still take shots at that person right before your album drops. The Game's new diss track Soundscan arrived just in time for his for his album release of The Doctors Advocate. It has become very corny to see mainstream rappers go back and forth on tracks not really saying anything relevant and then call it a beef. When underground artist battle it is more realistic and they have a passion for what they do. The big guys just talk about all their achievements, you know cars, money, chain and blah blah blah with a side of blah and a hint of crap. In the end there album sales still remain the same a we as listeners get a half ass album, because these rappers were too busy making dumb ass diss records to help to sell their half ass album. The Game's album is pretty good not as good as Jay-z's but good none the less. The diss track is nothing special, no real substance, just talking about Lloyd Bank's poor album sales which is not true, because he debut at number one and sold over 400,000 copies. Don't be surprised, 90 % of what rappers say is completely fabricated. The track is fun to listen to, but that's about it. Check it out Here

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Monday, November 27, 2006

The Best Of Philly (Freestyle Rap)

I'm not from Philadelphia but I love whats coming from the Philly rap scene right now, they are killing it on underground rap tip and they are showing no signs of stopping. There is so much talent in Philly, if they can just stop all the crime and killing they could be the new hip hop capital. Beef was what caused New York to fall and unity is now the reason why the south is on top. I never though I would see the day New York in such a bad state. Big ups to Philly.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Reed Dollaz rapping when he was only 17 years old.

This kid was talented from the begining.

Rap Battles: Reed Dollaz vs Trigga

Reed Dollaz vs Trigga, you decide who won. Reed was the only 17 years when he was in this battle.

Another Hot freestyle From Reed Dollaz

Another hot freestyle from Reed Dollaz and it's pure fire of course. Top Klass you bastards, SWP.

Reed Dollaz (Freestyle Rap)

Reed Dollaz is doing his thing, he looks like he's high in this video, he is one of the hottest rappers in Philly. SWP representa, Top Klass you bastards

Papoose (The Best Rapper Alive)

With all these rappers today who have become self proclaimed kings, gangsters, best rappers alive, CEOs, blah blah blah, you eventually become numb to these titles after hearing them over and over again. Papoose, a rapper from Bed Stuy Brooklyn is now said to be the best rapper alive, a title that i currently held by Jay-z (Achieved) and Lil Wayne (Self proclaimed). The thing that separates Papoose from any other clown living in their own little world where they're the ruler over everything, is that he never claimed to be the best rapper alive or the king of New York, but everyone thinks he will be. Why is that? well to put it simply the Kid can rhyme. Just imagine Eminem, Jay-z and Nas all in one, yes he is that good. I first heard Papoose 4 years ago in 2002 before he had a buzz and I remember saying to myself that this kid was going to be something one day just for the simple fact that he sounded different from everyone else. 4 years and 16 mix tapes later he has gotten signed for a 1.5 million dollar deal with Flipmode Records (STREETSWEEPERS ENT./THUG-A-CATION/ FLIPMODE) and he is currently adding the finishing touches to his album Nacirema Dream (America spelled backwards). I heard hundreds upon hundreds of lyrics from this Kid and he is no joke, very clever and I think he has what it takes to bring new york back to where it belongs (on top). Instead of being another self proclaimed blah blah blah, he lets his talent speak for it self and the streets of new york have embarrassed him and they are calling him the new king.
Check out his Exclusive interview with Life Sux Tv and his new video Ghetto Soldier ft Akon.

Papoose Ghetto Soldiers ft.Akon

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Listen to Jim Jones Ballin Remix Free

The Ballin remix by Jim Jones ft: TI, Young Dro and Bird Man is killing the streets right now, It has become the theme song of this year, and has definitely placed Jim Jones in the league of hit makers. With this first single being this big everyone is waiting to see if he can out do himself or will he fold under pressure, which might explain why he has decided to come at Jay-z (at this specific time) who is far a head of him as far has hip hop achievements are concerned, not to mention fans, and money but that's another subject. This beef that goes all the back to the original Rocafella records has finally made it to the mainstream and it could be a good thing for Jones who has allot to gain by going up against the best rapper alive. Jay on the other hand has nothing to gain by going at Jones and has allot to loose, but if Nas's Ether couldn't stop him, what exactly can Jones Possibly say to really affect Jay (realistically). Lets watch out in the near future for many diss records from both sides, maybe even a diss from both Nas and Jigga on the same track (BIG), but you did not hear that from me. I feel the Diplomats but I was the Roc first (Hov 4 life), But for now we are gonna to continue to ball out with the Ballin remix which is also the the New York Giants new theme song, they have not lost a game since.......Baaaaaallin.
listen to Jim Jones ballin remix free

Monday, November 20, 2006

Reed Dollaz (He Might be The Best Rapper in Philly)

Reed Dollaz reppin the Topklass crew, a very well known and respected underground rapper from South West Philadelphia has been putting it down on the mic since he was 16, I first saw him on Freestyle Friday at 106 and Park a couple of years ago where he was disqualified because he said the "N" word. He would have won if he did'nt get disqualified, Since then he has evolved into a full blown MC and many are saying he might be the best underground rapper in Philly and I agree, I've been watching this kid for long time and he grows more and more every time he rhymes. He climbed his way up through winning rap battles and spitting hot freestyles and recently as been gettig even more exposure due to his on going BEEF (Rivalry) with another hot underground Philadelphia rapper by the name of Joey Jihad a.k.a Jihaddy from the Go Gettas crew. They have been back and forth for a while and they have together brought allot of attention to Philly and the east coast, with the current hip hop drought in the east coast, the underground scene is definitely delivering what is missing from the game, which are the lyrical MCs. Pay attention to Philly the next couple months, I wouldn't be surprised if the next lyrical rappers to get signed comes from Philly. Check out one of Reed Dollaz many freestyles below, allot more to come.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Loaded Lux, Locked and Loaded

As New York's mainstream hip hop slowly goes down the drain and falls to 3rd place behind the South and the West coast, you can always depend on the underground and the mix tapes to give you new and raw hip hop, which best kind. loaded Lux has been putting it down on the mix tapes for along time now and continues to put it down. This dude has allot of talent, he knows how to make a good song and he's slick with making choruses and Hip Hop Music Source ranks Loaded Lux in the top five of lyrical rappers (underground) in New York, and thousands would agree. His latest mix tape Locked and Loaded by DJ L, A CD packed with 28 tracks of pure fire and you should defiantly take a listen if your tired of all the commercial crap.

P.S. Give us your feedback on this post and his mix tape Locked and Loaded, keep it hood.

Joey Jihad (Freestyle Rap)

Joey Jihad is a bright light in Philly, he has a crazy flow and he is one of the best underground rappers in the east coast.

Give us your feedack on his freestyle, let us know what you think and keep it funky.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fat Joe: Breathe and Stop

Ever since Fat Joe decided to go independent, he has been putting in work. His first single off his new album "Me Myself and I" Make it Rain ft: Lil Wayne has been crushing the streets and now his second single Breathe and Stop ft. The Game is already banging on the radio and there is a video on the way. Fat Joe is one of the few rappers really keeping the New York flame burning as far as main stream is concerned, which I will address in a later post. I think the joint is hot.

Listen to it here:

Give us your feedback and let us know what you think, Keep it funky as usual and don't hold your tongue.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Game's One Blood remix is killing the streets.

As if the original was not hot enough, The Game's One Blood remix is killing the streets. The song is 12 minutes long and according to one 106 and Park it is the longest hip hop remix in hip hop history. The game stated that everyone keeps saying hip hop is dead, so he felt the need to bring it back to life, which is why he reached out to all these artist.
I think the remix is pure Fire.

Listen to it here, or download it Here

The Game Featuring: Jim Jones , Snoop,Nas, TI, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Nore,JadaKiss, Styles P, Fabolous, Juelz, Rick Ross , Twista , Kurupt, Daz, Wc, E-40 , Bun B Chamillionare, Slim Thug, Young Dro, The Clipse, Ja Rule.

Give me your feetback on this remix, what do you think? keep it funky.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Murda Mook vs. Party Arty

Rap Battle: Murda Mook vs. Party Arty...U
Decide Who Won, give us your feedback and let us know who you think won.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Jim Jones is Ballin, or is he fallin

Jim Jones has always been respected as a street entrepreneur, but since his latest single "Ballin" that is now a hit across the entire country, he is now seen as a song maker. His new found success is not without it's obstacles though, as he begins to make a name for him self in the world of hip hop music,you can be assured that there will be some competition. Now that Jay-z is back on seen and has already thrown subliminal shots at Jones, you can bet that there be some heavy competition for 2007. Jim Jones and Dame Dash have made a Diss track called "Kingdom Done" going after Jay-z saying his time has passed in hip hop. When he was asked if there was any beef with Jay he stated that he has no beef with anyone, but also said and Quote "This game is built on the best of competition, and I am an aggressive competitor. At the same time I'm living fast. We don't live for the old folks." Even though he says there is no beef, you can be sure that there will be some aggressive competition for 2007, will Jim Jones be able to go up against the Power House Jay-z, who has been known to end careers, only time will tell. Give us you're feedback.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jae Millz vs. Murda Mook

Battle: Jae Millz (Harlem) vs. Murda Mook (Harlem)...U Decide Who Won

Murda Mook vs Loaded Lux (2nd Half)

Smack DVD freestyle. I think Loaded Lux won but you be the judge,
This is the second part of the battle you can check rounds 1 - 3 below. So far Lux won all 3 rounds by a land slide. So lets see what happens the next time around.

Battle: Murda Mook vs. Loaded Lux

Battle: Murda Mook vs. Loaded Lux...U Decided Who Won
I think Murda Mook finally met his match with this one, I never knew Loaded Lux got this good, because first time I heard him, his rymes were all over the place, but now he done stepped his game up ten levels, I can honestly say that Lux flow doesn't sound like anyone elses, unlike all these rappers that sound alike. Murda Mook came with his "A" game but it was'nt enough, because Lux came with his "A+" game
It was a good battle but Lux got this one.

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