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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Serious Jones vs. Murda Mook (Round 1 - 3)

That was round one, I think Serious Jones took that one, Murder Mook had more
punch lines, but Serious Jones had more lyrical content in the first round.

Round Two - It gets even better (Serious Jones
came hard "no homo")

Murder Mook had that round even though Serious Jones was
going hard and was free styling, plus Serious messed up a little bit.

Round Three - This is battling at it's best
(Murder Mook goes all out)


Well obviously Murder Mook won that one, but
Serious Jones still killed it, I was actually at this battle Muder Mook had a
advantage over Jones due the fact that he brought half of Harlem with him (Bunch
of dick riders)

But whether or not they were their Mook still
killed it due to fact he had better delivery and some witty punch lines. This
was not one of Serious Jones better battles, all his battles up to this point
have all been one sided, such as he battle with Big Ace not to mention Jin who
he defeated for the Fight Club title.

There will be a rematch

This was not an official battle (that was just for
the Smack DVD), the official battle will be held in the fight club where Jones
will have to defend his crown.

Give your feed back on who you think one this
battle, by posting a comment below.

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