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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lil Wayne vs Jay-Z (pt 2), Lil Wayne vs Clipse (Hot 97 phone interview)

Last week I was listening to Hot 97 the "number one radio station for hip hop and R and B", that was not a DJ Absolut interviewed Lil Wayne over the phone where he attempted to further explain the comments he made in the December/January issue of the Complex magazine.

He stated “I think I speak for everybody when I say [hip hop] is not dead as long as I’m still dropping albums.” Much of his comments stemmed from being passed by Jay Z's Roca-A-Fella Records last year, when he was weighing his options on which label he should sign to.

“I want people to just look at it like that dude who came out of college that was supposed to get drafted by the No. 1 team, which was Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam,” stated Wayne, according to “They passed on me and now I’m with a good team and a good coach and of course on every interview I’m gonna cut down the team that didn't pick me.”

Lil Wayne still stood his ground and restated the comments he mad in Complex Magazine about being better than Jay Z.

"I'm better than this game," said Wayne. "We could be having this conversation about any other person in this game. It was who I was asked about at this time. Y’all trying to build a case on me. But I tell you what. If you build a case against me and take me to trial, I will beat it."

Wayne also took shots a Young Buck, Pharrell and he Clipse in the Complex Magazine, The Clipse has since then replied by calling WWHV Hot 102.1 FM in their Virginia hometown.

“Wayne, you sort of copying The Clipse right now,” Pusha T told DJ Derrick Da Franchise, according to “I think he made a bad judgment call and just decided to take a swipe at us…maybe he’s got an album coming out. This is a small thing to a giant, he’s just acting out.”

"If anything, I am upset about him using the F word before my name, being as though he likes to sit around and kiss men. If you gonna kiss men, you can't even use them words in conjunction with The Clipse, Pharrell, or any of the [Star Trak ] family. He's definitely acting out right now. Jay-Z? Do what you gotta do. But involve The Clipse? You don't want to do that. I already don't look at him like a G. He ain’t nothing like me."

I will have the clipse radio interview up for ya tomorrow.

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shalena said...

lil wayne just mad cause jay is on top of the game and hes just mad casues hes under him and that he can't touch him. jay is the top dog and the boss of what he do lil wayne and dip set them niggas is haters that's all. jay will always be numba 1 always so don't get mad get glade cause the best rapper alive is hova a.k.a jay z and thats that

Anonymous said...

nobdy can fuck wit clipse, point blank period.

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