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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ludacris - Runaway Love ft. Mary J Blige

If you thought there wasn't any real relevant music coming from the south and it was just all about Lean wid it Rock wid it, Think again. Ludacris's new single Runaway Love ft. Mary J Blige (which is always a good look) goes in a completely different direction from what is supposedly hot right now. Instead of going for the "Club Banger" he went Common's route and created a single that is more Socially aware. I have not seen hip hop like this for quit some time and never expected it from Ludacris, It kind a reminds me of 2Pac's Brenda's Got A Baby. I like the single allot and Mary kills the hook as usual, this is a strange follow up to Money Maker and Grew Up A Screw Up but then again that's what 2 Pac was infamous for. Good job Luda, A rating.

Check out the video and give us your feedback and you already know the deal keep it funky. Holla at me Video Blogger, the best to do it. Hip Hop Music Source, act like you know.


Anonymous said...

this some real shit luda da tha realist in da game

Anonymous said...

its good tht hip hop aint all bout lean wid it wank its a good song frm an amazin artist

Anonymous said...

it's about time my dawg Luda put out some make you think sh*t. i was getting sick of people tellin me he wasen't a real rapper.This man can spit, and never gets the credit he's due.

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