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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Papoose (The Best Rapper Alive)

With all these rappers today who have become self proclaimed kings, gangsters, best rappers alive, CEOs, blah blah blah, you eventually become numb to these titles after hearing them over and over again. Papoose, a rapper from Bed Stuy Brooklyn is now said to be the best rapper alive, a title that i currently held by Jay-z (Achieved) and Lil Wayne (Self proclaimed). The thing that separates Papoose from any other clown living in their own little world where they're the ruler over everything, is that he never claimed to be the best rapper alive or the king of New York, but everyone thinks he will be. Why is that? well to put it simply the Kid can rhyme. Just imagine Eminem, Jay-z and Nas all in one, yes he is that good. I first heard Papoose 4 years ago in 2002 before he had a buzz and I remember saying to myself that this kid was going to be something one day just for the simple fact that he sounded different from everyone else. 4 years and 16 mix tapes later he has gotten signed for a 1.5 million dollar deal with Flipmode Records (STREETSWEEPERS ENT./THUG-A-CATION/ FLIPMODE) and he is currently adding the finishing touches to his album Nacirema Dream (America spelled backwards). I heard hundreds upon hundreds of lyrics from this Kid and he is no joke, very clever and I think he has what it takes to bring new york back to where it belongs (on top). Instead of being another self proclaimed blah blah blah, he lets his talent speak for it self and the streets of new york have embarrassed him and they are calling him the new king.
Check out his Exclusive interview with Life Sux Tv and his new video Ghetto Soldier ft Akon.

Papoose Ghetto Soldiers ft.Akon


DJ chozen said...

Your blog gets better with every post you make, keep up the good work. Oh yeah Papoose is the future.

jeezy said...

word on the street. Is real talk mane. Ain't no doubt diz nigga is bringing hip hop back 4rm d root. Pap is d Godfather and saviour of hiphop. This is achieved n not self proclaimed. so wen u see d best, crown him n stop hating.

DJ.D said...

papoose is fukin raw as hell and if u dont agree u need to kill yo self

Anonymous said...

paposse is one of my favorite mcs right now no doubt and on lil wayne i think hes a clown for saying hes the best rapper alive and jay-z giving lil wayne the crown that means nothin to me wayne doesnt have the skill to back up the claim,pap is a real tight mc but i want to see if he really has the heart to be the next king of hip-hop jay was the king but i feel like eminem is better and so is nas

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