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Friday, November 03, 2006

Jim Jones is Ballin, or is he fallin

Jim Jones has always been respected as a street entrepreneur, but since his latest single "Ballin" that is now a hit across the entire country, he is now seen as a song maker. His new found success is not without it's obstacles though, as he begins to make a name for him self in the world of hip hop music,you can be assured that there will be some competition. Now that Jay-z is back on seen and has already thrown subliminal shots at Jones, you can bet that there be some heavy competition for 2007. Jim Jones and Dame Dash have made a Diss track called "Kingdom Done" going after Jay-z saying his time has passed in hip hop. When he was asked if there was any beef with Jay he stated that he has no beef with anyone, but also said and Quote "This game is built on the best of competition, and I am an aggressive competitor. At the same time I'm living fast. We don't live for the old folks." Even though he says there is no beef, you can be sure that there will be some aggressive competition for 2007, will Jim Jones be able to go up against the Power House Jay-z, who has been known to end careers, only time will tell. Give us you're feedback.

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