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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Game's New G-unit Diss Track (Who Cares)

When people say that they have squashed a beef does that mean you say it is over then you still take shots at that person right before your album drops. The Game's new diss track Soundscan arrived just in time for his for his album release of The Doctors Advocate. It has become very corny to see mainstream rappers go back and forth on tracks not really saying anything relevant and then call it a beef. When underground artist battle it is more realistic and they have a passion for what they do. The big guys just talk about all their achievements, you know cars, money, chain and blah blah blah with a side of blah and a hint of crap. In the end there album sales still remain the same a we as listeners get a half ass album, because these rappers were too busy making dumb ass diss records to help to sell their half ass album. The Game's album is pretty good not as good as Jay-z's but good none the less. The diss track is nothing special, no real substance, just talking about Lloyd Bank's poor album sales which is not true, because he debut at number one and sold over 400,000 copies. Don't be surprised, 90 % of what rappers say is completely fabricated. The track is fun to listen to, but that's about it. Check it out Here

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Anonymous said...

2-somin-07 llyod bank waz @ 300,000 get ya fax rite nigga he flopt fuck

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