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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Daytona - Underground Artist

Yes Yes I'm back on my underground artist shit, even though Daytona is a underground artist and does not yet have a record deal, it doesn't seem to affect him at all. He still manages to get spins on radio stations such as Hot 97. His latest joint (which is fire) "Home Boy" ft Jim Jones gets at least 12 spins a day on Shade 45 (Sirius Satellite Radio). His rap style is different from what you might usually hear which is one of the reasons he stands out from all the other rappers that are out right now that have the same flow followed by 16 bars of punch lines.
Dj Cipha Sounds from Hot 97, MTV and Shade 45 realizes Daytona's unique style and has teamed up with the rapper to get his stuff out to the public. They are taken it slow so the listeners get use to hearing him so when he does become mainstream they will be more willing to hear something out of the norm. The buzz that he has created already has him opening up for Rick Ross and Chris Brown. All this without a major record deal is not a easy thing to do especially if you haven't put out tons of mix tapes. His flow is a little unusual or maybe it's not, maybe we've just gotten use to hearing the same thing over and over, but the way he raps sort of reminds of how Slick Rick use spit back in the day, their voices are very similar. He is definitely on the right track and you can be sure that you will hear allot more from this cat in the future. Especially with Cipha Sounds playing his record every chance he gets, not to mention Cipha not only has access to Shade 45 but Hot 97 as well and that is allot of exposure for a artist without a deal. Daytona is doing with Cipha Sounds the same thing Papoose did with Kay Slay....which is the best way to these days.

Of course you know I'm not gonna let ya go without hearing a couple of his latest shit, so check them out below and let me know what ya think.......I'm out.

powered by ODEO This one is really old in New York.

powered by ODEO This Got spins on Hot 97 and it was not even the official remix.

powered by ODEO Personally I think this is his hottest track.

You can check out his latest joint Home Boy ft Jim Jones on his Myspace @


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

that fool is fu*!ng a dumb dumb. Heard that fool on shady 2 day and what was he talking about african americans and other black. Im black P.R. bitch and black is black. Get a G.E.D. no wonder your ass is underground.

-T r u e s t said...

i go by the name of Truest
im an 18 year old rapper
frm newark nj

please listen
you won't regret it

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